Server Downtime

[Owner] gv1222 a posted Sep 18, 14
The server will be down for about 1-3 hours for some upgrades/maintenance starting at 2:30 PM EST.

Update: Due to some unforeseen issues the server will be down for a couple more hours.
Some updates on whats going on:
  • Recent changes in the bukkit community have ended up with Bukkit (The server "software" that just about all servers run off) has shut down, No more updates, no 1.8 for the time being. 
  • As the last posted had said Amiti and myself have been working on a new server but after these changes the plans have been halted and the project has be cancelled (for now).
  • More information on the bukkit troubles: here. All in all, 11th Dream will the stay the way it is for the meantime. 
  • Currently "Sponge" (The new bukkit alternative) is a WIP in early stages and will most likely be the successor to bukkit. 

Server Relaunch

[Owner] gv1222 a posted Jul 16, 14

Before anyone asks, the current server will not be shut down. Instead it will be renamed "Legacy 11th Dream" and left for those who still enjoy playing it. Some aspects will be removed (Voting) but everything will stay exactly the same.


The Issues: The server currently has too many faults holding it back and is mostly incompatible with 1.8 (UUID Changes). To update the server it would require an unnecessary amount work.  Off the top of my head a list of other issues:

  • Mob Arena Glitches - Due to OP donations like fly, god and disguise.
  • Unbalanced PVP - fly, god and disguise, protected areas where you cannot be killed.
  • Boring economy with no use for materials.
  • OP Donations – not enough ingame content to work for.
  • Issues with minigames.

The list goes on. So here’s the plan, it may change but this is the basis:

·         ALL OP donations will be removed. A single donation perk will be added as a supporter of the server with some perks. It’s about the gameplay, not the money.

·         Multiple Worlds

o   World 1: A Building, Survival world where players can build and create – No PVP. Using Protection Stones (Like Currently) - No raiding

o   World 2: A PVP World. Enter through a portal and be teleported to a random location, limited world size, and "raidable” protection.

§  Diamonds or other rare materials will be used to protect land an explanation:

§  Player A uses 1 gold ingot on a dirt block.

§  In order to remove the dirt block, Player B must break the block 10 times. A protectable, yet "raidable” protection.

·         This is the basis of the server with more to come, all input is greatly appreciated.


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